Lyn Stanley - The Moonlight Sessions Volume Two 2017 DSD256-DSF


Lyn Stanley - The Moonlight Sessions Volume Two 2017 DSD256-DSF

Audiophiles will be very happy with this high-res DSD 128 Stereo download. The close attention to recording and engineering provides a quiet background with a very stable, naturalistic soundstage that brings Stanley and the instruments transparently into the listening space. Volume 1 seems a bit bass-heavy, even boomy at times. On "All or Nothing at All", for example, even Stanley's voice seems distorted on the low end. Volume 2 seems a distinctly better-balanced recording.
Although both volumes of The Moonlight Sessions are worth owning, the second volume is an absolute must-have, and Lyn Stanley is an absolute must-follow as she continues her second career as a proven jazz vocalist interested in thoughtful reinterpretation of jazz standards and high-quality, audiophile recording.


01 Makin' Whoopee
02 The Very Thought of You
03 That Old Feeling
04 Summer Knows
05 Over the Rainbow
06 How Deep Is the Ocean?
07 Angel Eyes
08 At Seventeen
09 You've Changed
10 Smile
11 How Insensitive
12 Love Me or Leave Me
13 Since I Fell for You
14 I'll Be Seeing You

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