ORFF - Carmina Burana, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra SACD-DSD-ISO




ORFF - Carmina Burana, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra SACD-DSD-ISO

专辑名称:The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra


声道:  双声道(Stereo) 多声道(Multichannel)



Orff: Carmina Burana

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Richard Cooke (conductor)

Someone earlier mention the Best Recorded Version of this work..This was it..and they were not kidding..WOW....Its Loud Frantic and a sonic orgy as well as a musical one....I noticed that it was recorded at two sessions a couple of years apart?>....I pressume this was to give the participants time to recover...Someone mentioned the odd tempo at times ...occasionally its taken at breakneck speed but always within the performers ability....some parts are frighteningly realistic due to faily close microphone placement but this still has remarkable depth of image and tonally is nigh on perfect..My previous 6 versions are now confined to history and so is one of my favourite vinyl demonstrations.....Its infuriating when someone can produce this quality (probably pcm) and get other things wrong..one day we will learn the why ?.....I am interested to see what you multichannel guys make of this... Not one for people with complaining neighbours but for those without a nervous disposition.BUY.and its another bargain price...


  1. O Fortuna

  2. Fortune Plango Vulnera

  3. Veris Leta Facies

  4. Omnia Sol Temperat

  5. Ecce Gratum

  6. Tanz

  7. Floret Silva

  8. Chramer, Gip Die Varwe Mir

  9. Reie: Swaz hie gat umbe Chume, chum geselle min - Swaz Hie Gat Umbe

  10. Were Diu Werlt Alle Min

  11. Estuans Interius

  12. Olim Lacus Colueram

  13. Ego Sum Abbas

  14. In Taberna Quandos Sumus

  15. Amor Volat Undique

  16. Dies, Nox Et Omnia

  17. Stetit Puella

  18. Circa Mea Pectora

  19. Si Puer Cum Puellula

  20. Veni, Veni, Venias

  21. In Trutina

  22. Tempus Est Iocundum

  23. Dulcissime

  24. Ave forfosissima

  25. O Fortuna

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