Paper Motion - Paper Motion 2017 SACD-DSD-DSF

分类: SACD/DSD音乐 / 发布于5月前

Paper Motion - Paper Motion 2017 SACD-DSD-DSF

声道:  双声道(Stereo)


We think music is the greatest of all art forms.

With its undeniably temporary nature, we feel it is the

perfect reflection of the very banal, but nevertheless

inescapable truth we face everyday.

All must go, the experience of living as a tiny flash of

light between two periods of eternal darkness.

In music we explore the sadness in feeling joy, and the

joy in feeling sadness this brings.

We are inspired by the noise around us and the silence

within us, and try to make music that moves us when we

play it.

And we hope it will also move whoever is listening.

TRPTK was founded in 2014 by audio engineer Brendon

Heinst and music producer Luuk Meijssen, as a movement

against degradation of sound quality and emotional

impact in the music industry.

Involved in more than 90 recordings to date, audio

engineer Brendon Heinst felt it was high time to change

the way music is recorded nowadays, and to create

modern-sounding recordings with completely transparent

equipment and techniques.

Music producer Luuk Meijssen recorded many artists

and followed the music industry for a long time, when

he felt that songs became more and more a commercial

product, and that the emotional impact became less and

less important. He feels that the artistic meaning of

music always should be the priority of a recording.

By using state-of-the-art recording technologies such

as the DXD recording and mastering format of 352.8 kHz

24 bits, custom-built recording equipment, and ultrahigh-

end cabling, TRPTK strives to create a completly

emotionally transparent path between the artist and the


By using 5.1-channel surround sound recording techniques,

TRPTK creates an immersive experience, acoustically and

emotionally conveying the recorded performance.

TRPTKs recordings are always recorded, mixed and

mastered by TRPTKs engineer Brendon Heinst and producer

Luuk Meijssen, and CDs are created directly from the DXD

352.8 kHz 24 bits stereo master, without any intermediate

steps involved.

TRPTK proudly uses Furutech cabling and Dutch & Dutch

loudspeakers at their mastering facilities, carefully

optimized by Acoustic Matters.


01. Paper Motion - Grey One

02. Paper Motion - Arouse

03. Paper Motion - Red

04. Paper Motion - Downfall

05. Paper Motion - Gloom

06. Paper Motion - Cease to Exist

07. Paper Motion - Au Revoir

08. Paper Motion - Animals

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